Meagan Roberts

Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live Blood Cell Analysis

Meagan Roberts

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Meagan Roberts is extremely passionate about helping others achieve their health needs and getting to the root cause of what is causing your health problems . She has been working in the Natural Health field for more than 17 years. She brings a unique background of working in the past as a Pharmacy Technician and also being a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Meagan graduated in 2008 from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and has been seeing clients ever since.

She has been managing Health Food Stores for the past 8 years and is extremely knowledgable on the quality of Supplements. She is also uniquely trained as a Live Blood Cell Technician. Meagan has been working in Aylmer for the past 6 years and has built a substantial clientele base with word of mouth referrals. She specializes in working with people with Digestive or Bowel issues, Bone and Muscle Pains, Hormones, Fatigue, Migraines, Mood problems, Skin issues/rashes, Allergies, Blood Pressure/Cholesterol, and Men's/Women's Fertility.

She also offers Hair Analysis testing and Food allergy blood testing. She is very passionate about truly figuring out what is causing your problems and not just covering up a symptom, which is only temporary. She offers Nutritional and Diet suggestions in her consultations and will ensure you know exactly what is going on and why you are making these life changes. She wants you to learn and understand so that each change can be a permanent one and not just a temporary bandaid, so that you can continue your own healing and be able to pass this knowledge on to others.

To book an appointment with Meagan please text or call 226-456-3573 or email

Initial consultation for Blood Analysis and Nutritional Consultation $120 (which includes a free follow up blood)

Follow up blood appointment is $40