Don Baker

Holistic Energy Therapy

Holistic Energy Therapy

Don Baker
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Don Baker started his health and wellness journey as a pioneer providing music therapy at the St. Thomas Hospital when he was 16 years old. He then studied Tibetan Medicine while earning his BBM Business Degree from Ryerson University. Don continued his studies in Wilderness Emergency Medicine as a Canadian Wilderness Paramedic, Chinese Medicine and Holistic and Energy Medicine with Nenah Sylver including EAV Assessment Technology including a solid focus on Nutritional and Herbal Support.

Don is the father of Jaron and Kyra Baker and is most grateful for his family. He also continues to sing and perform music professionally for many weddings as well as private and corporate functions.

ReVibrancy was created by Don as an unprecedented integrative holistic health approach offering clients a personalized complete health care delivery system using sound, vibrational and energy healing therapies such as Music Therapy, Rife Therapy and EAV/Avatar Bioenergetic Testing. Nutritional, herbal/supplemental and psycho/spiritual facilitation and physical therapeutic support also play a key role as we consider each element of a person's total health, environment, and lifestyle. The key element in Don’s approach is to restore each persons unique, natural balance that defines optimal health, and support them to develop health habits that maintain wellness and prevent disease. He actively partners with each person to provide them with a wide range of resources that empower them to consciously author their own wellness with well-researched, highly-effective tools, knowledge, hope, and support.

The key focus of Don is to Eradicate/Eliminate the dis-ease, Educate, and Restore true health and vibrancy in each client.